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The AlumiSonic 1100-Custom Aluminum Guitar is the result of several years of research and development into the perfect combination of material types and thicknesses selected to produce the ultimate equalization of aluminum clarity with deep, controllable, semi-hollow arch-top resonance and sustain.

The 1100 series of hand crafted archtop guitars embody the ultimate marriage of three acoustically tuned materials: 1100 aluminum for deep sustain and resonance, 6061 aluminum for clarity and crystalline overtones, and mahogany for that classic tonewood warmth and feel. All three materials make for a wicked combination of simultaneously identifiable sounds. The AlumiSonic 1100 series of guitars are undeniably the finest aluminum hybrid instrument ever created..

The arch-top of the 1100-Custom is cold formed and hardened from 99% pure 1100 aluminum, for the most obtainable warmth, with the lowest decibel aluminum resonance physically possible. Dimensionally perfected to classic carve-top proportions, the arch-top is fused to durable .09” thick 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sides and back, for a higher decibel tone balance with the added advantage of incredible strength and impact resistance.
For extra percussive crunch and resonance control, both pickup positions are internally backed with nitrocellulose lacquered Honduran mahogany chambers. These innovative chambers are designed for greater feedback control, with a warm hybrid-blend of aluminum resonance through Mahogany.

By simply removing the 4 screws of each pickup ring during a string change, the center portions of these chambers can be removed. Removal of these Mahogany chamber “plugs” allows for the arch-top to attain its fullest potential: for a deeper resonant sustain under overdriven conditions, and a rich array of crystal-clear low and high tones that no other instruments can naturally achieve.
The incredibly versatile 1100-Custom Guitar can also be customized with optional pickups wired with detachable micro plugs. AlumiSonic provides all commercially available pickups, with a micro plug pre-installed for easy changeability.

The necks offered for the 1100-Custom are designed to maintain the feel, balance and temperature of a classic, set neck carved-top instrument. Through extensive testing we determined that mahogany is the necessary hybrid ingredient for balance of flavoring and transference of sound from a quality tone wood neck, to a pure aluminum body. The neck is internally mounted with our patented AlumiSonic Set Neck Mounting System, which results in a smooth back, with no external neck mounting hardware. This new and innovative mounting method also allows for better tone transfer from neck to body than ordinary neck mounting methods. In addition to providing a stronger connection than ordinary bolt- on necks, the Set Neck is easily replaceable in case of damage. 1100-Custom neck pockets are angled back at a traditional 5 degrees for perfect “Tun-O-Matic” bridge alignment and action, or for the removable Stetsbar Pro II Tremolo system.


TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs.
BODY: 6061 & 1100 Aluminum hollow body with removable Mahogany chambering.
BODY FINISH: Quadruple dipped Show Chrome.
ELECTRONICS: SWITCHCRAFT 3 way switch, CTS 500k pot's or Push/Push coil tap pot’s . Optional GraphTech “Ghost” Acousti-Phonic Piezo system, GraphTech Hexpander MIDI interface, or both. GraphTech option includes Program and Quick switches (Chrome or Gold) with independent MIDI and Piezo volume controls and our optional custom AlumiSonic Stacked Bell Knob for guitar pickup tone / volume control.
BRIDGE PICKUP: Seymour Duncan Custom 5 Humbucker with coil tap switching (Chrome or Gold)
NECK PICKUP: Seymour Duncan ’59 Model Humbucker with coil tap switching (Chrome or Gold)
BRIDGE: Schaller Nashville Tune-O-Matic and tailpiece, or Graphtech RezoMax Piezo bridge and aluminum tailpiece (for use with the optional GraphTech Ghost Pickup system). or Stetsbar Pro II Tremolo (Chrome or Gold).
Back Plates: Chrome Plated Aluminum.
TUNERS: Grover Mini 18:1 Locking Rotomatics with Keystone Buttons (Chrome or Gold).
NECK: Standard thin contour Mahogany neck with gloss black lacquer, Compound 10"-16" radius Indian Rosewood fret board with 22 Medium Jumbo frets (dressed and crowned). Trapezoid MOP inlays, Chrome inlayed AlumiSonic headstock, AlumiSonic set neck heel mount system.
NUT: AlumiSonic Custom Self lubricating black Delrin nut.