About Alumisonic
AlumiSonic Inc. is the result of a combination of some of the most talented commercial and aerospace craftsman gathered from the very manufacturing heart and “Cradle of Aviation” known as Long Island NY. As an Engineer with 20 years of manufacturing and design experience the founder and President of AlumiSonic Ray Matter fostered the development of AlumiSonic through many years of gathering the processes, materials and talent to create the ultimate aluminum guitar company.
Working as a product designer for several different industries over the years, Ray Matter was determined to combine his extensive custom Luthier experience and experiences as a professional musician with his other many commercial and metal design influences. Some of the many methods and processes used to design and manufacture Alumisonic guitars come directly from Ray’s talents as a successful commercial firearms designer as well as automation engineer and instructor at Island Drafting and Technical Institute.
Along with Ray’s influence AlumiSonic has the additional benefit of hundreds of years of the combined knowledge of professional people hired from several other metal related and guitar related industries. Together with a wealth of Luthier skills, metallurgy skills, design skills and the incredible craftsmanship of everyone involved we have been able to incorporate many of the most modern as well as proven processes available today.
Through our incredible tenacity, dedication and experience AlumiSonic will continue its main prerogative to strive for only the highest quality products achievable and to incessantly reach for perfection. For this Alumisonic Incorporated is proud to be the manufacturer of the finest Aluminum guitars in the world.
Technology & Innovations

Our Aluminum Master and Classic series guitar bodies are fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum. 6061-T6 is a heat treatable alloy typically used for higher strength applications commercially. Therefore 6061 gives our product higher impact and dent resistance then most aluminum's. Our Ultra-1100 series guitar bodies are fabricated from a combination of both 6061-T6 and 1100 aluminum. 1100 is the purest commercial grade aluminum available which in our application gives the Ultra-1100 guitar a warmer sound while still maintaining the rigidity and crisp sound of the 6061-T6 body structure.
Because our aluminum bodies are fully grounded to the bridge, strings and input jack they are as safe as the strings and bridge on any electric guitar. Aluminum also provides a complete RF shielding of the electronics making our guitars as hum canceling as physically possible.

Aluminum sound research:
The principles of the transference of sound through materials are based on Mass and Density.
Higher density will give a higher transference of pitch. In the case of solid and hollow body guitars we know that more porous (lower density) woods like Mahogany will sound warmer and deeper then Ash ore Maple. Maple, having a greater density then Mahogany is much brighter. The differences are also apparent with the physical Mass (weight) of the materials. Knock on a thin sheet of Maple and you will hear a lower pitch then a thicker piece of the same sheet size. The thinner piece has less Mass thus the lower pitch.
In an effort for AlumiSonic to meet the traditional status quo of pitch these principles had to be applied. A solid aluminum body has way too much mass. Lower tones would be lost. Lightening holes would only loose the sound. As a hollow body guitar, too thin of a gage would result in too much hollow body resonance and depth. The resonance produced by any hollow body guitar usually equates to deeper tone.
Our process of elimination lead us to the proper gage thickness and aluminum types to balance the deeper hollow body tone. As a result our guitar bodies produce a simultaneous array of low and high tone resonance that could not be achieved with any other material. In addition our guitars produce a more crisp and crystal clear tone then their solid as well as hollow wood predecessors. With the added benefit of being a hollow body made of 6061-T6 aluminum, with the right amount of overdrive and volume infinite sustain can be achieved.

Body Structure:
All of our formed sides and laser cut tops are accurately fixtured and welded together in a seamless aluminum dip-weld process. Along with the bottom and sides our bodies maintain excellent rigidity under varying string weights and temperature changes. In fact when used in conjunction with the incredible stability of our carbon graphite necks our guitars are completely impervious to barometric pressure (humidity) changes as well as the typical seasonal swelling, contracting and cracking issues associated with almost all wood based instruments. Our specially formed 6061 body sides (being 30% thicker then the 6061 top and bottom materials) act as a temperature sync and structural stabilizer thus maintaining dimensional consistency from cold to hot conditions. In essence you will be more likely to stay in tune from place to place and with a Carbon fiber neck and maintain your intonation setup indefinitely.
The incredible rigidity of our body panels and sides also allows for a complete un-chambered and light weight hollow body (if desired). With the exception of the internal bridge support and tailpiece support, this structure leads to the advantage of a clear area for inserting our specially machined custom Pickup Chambers for a more semi hollow sound. Our custom Pickup Chambers can be used to physically shape the sound of any desired pickup position with any one of our chamber materials offered (see custom).

Our Master-Alloy, Classic-Alloy and Ultra-1100 series of instruments accurately replicate all of the features of classic instruments to dimensional perfection. Since our bodies are not screwed together, the backs and sides are clean and seamless. Our Master and Classic Alloy guitar bodies feature 1/8” radius edges all around. The sides of these bodies also include the traditional 1-1/2” input jack flat area. A characteristic that is not easy to produce. Ultra-1100 bodies have perfectly formed arch-tops with sharp edges from top to sides and 1/8” radiuses from bottom to sides. Our neck pockets are partially laser cut and tediously hand finished and accurately filed for a minimum gap and perfect neck position. Bridge positions are located with laser cut holes relative to the laser cut neck pockets giving a perfect neck lineup to the bridge.

At AlumiSonic we take a great deal of pride in our meticulous quality control efforts. As a compliment to the mere perfect form of our instruments and the accuracy in which they are fabricated, all of the surfaces of our instruments are finished to the same high level of perfection. From polished and clear coated aluminum to chrome plating, each AlumiSonic guitar is inspected for the slightest imperfection before and after the finishing process, after assembly and once again prior to shipping.


In an effort to maintain classic lines, all of our aluminum pickguards are 3/32 thick and are machined with a correct 45 deg beveled edge. Being that we are fastening our pickguards to metal and not wood we are using machine screws with the exact same head diameter and shape as standard wood self tapping screws. Along with our pickguards and bodies internal electronics are completely and naturally RF shielded. Aluminum in particular is a better insulator from dimmer switches and florescent lighting then any other material. All of our pickguards are manufactured by AlumiSonic and are dimensionally specific to our instruments.

Made in U.S.A

It is our objective to manufacture the highest quality products with an ongoing effort to streamline production methods, increase capacity and improve quality control with absolutely no sacrifice to the employee, product or consumer. Our sacrifices are in the image of the founders of our economy. Those sacrifices do not include permanently out sourcing their long developed technologies for personal gain. They include our hard dedication for the benefit of maintaining our fragile economy and maintaining our vitally important manufacturing community here in the USA.
AlumiSonic Inc. far exceeds the suggested requirements of compliance for a Made in USA claim in accordance to the FTC’s Made in USA policy. In 1996 the FTC proposed a no less then a 75% manufacturing cost for any USA manufacturer to label a product as Made in USA. AlumiSonic Inc. guitars exceed a cost of 92% USA parts content and are also fully assembled and finished in the USA. It is our intent to ensure that all other miscellaneous imported hardware making up the remaining assembly percentage is manufactured in sovereign nations of the free world.